Friday, January 16, 2009

Cinema Paradiso: Le Chaplin

In Paris you can find many local theaters called "cinémas de quartier". Le Saint-Lambert, recently renamed Cinéma Chaplin, is one of them.

At Le Saint-Lambert time has stood still for many years. There are few signs that we have actually passed the 50s... The elderly man selling old-fashioned tickets with slow and meticulous gestures has probably worked there for decades.

Le Saint-Lambert is never in a hurry. Movies come to this place when they are taken off from other theaters. The combination of a small theater and lots of different films means you must pay careful attention to the program (see link further down). A given film is maybe just being projected every Wednesday afternoon, whilst another one is solely being shown on Sunday evenings. The advantage is that it is never crowdy: fifteen people at the most is my own, personal experience. Another good point is that there is a decent selection of films in "version originale" (not dubbed into French).

Forget about popcorn, crisps and modern jelly beans. However, if you would like to buy a traditional chocolate bar, then pick one from the small selection in the wicker basket near the entrance and tell the old gentleman.

Find out what's playing at the moment: (NB: VF = French, dubbed version. VO = original version with French subtitles)

6 rue Péclet (métro Vaugirard, line 12), close to the townhall of the XVth district.

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