Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The essence of Paris: Jardin du Luxembourg

Created in 1612 following the wish of Marie de Médicis, Jardin du Luxembourg is a beautiful park in the center of Paris and a cherished meetingpoint for Parisians.

Green, characteristic chairs are found all around the park, even when the lawns are covered with snow (it happens!). In spring- and summertime astoningly beautiful flower arrangements can be admired.

The park houses the Palais du Luxembourg (le Sénat), a prestigious engineer school, a museum, an orangerie and lots of quality sculptures representing animals, French queens and princesses, greek mythology, composers...

Many Parisians spend their Sundays in the park, playing chess, tennis, bridge, basketball or reading in the sun. Children can rent old-fashioned sailboats and steer them with sticks on the dam in front of the Sénat, go pony/donkey-riding, attend puppet theater and enjoy mary-go-round-horses.

Be aware that you are not allowed to walk on the lawns. If you do so, you will soon here a whistle and see a guard approaching with a finger lifted high up in the air...

Métro: Odéon (line 4 and 10), Rennes (line 12), Saint Sulpice (line 4), Cluny la Sorbonne (line 10), Notre Dame des Champs (line 12) Vavin (line 4)

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