Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Charlie and the chocolate factory: Rochoux

A compulsory stop when wandering around in the Saint Germain area is the marvellous chocolate shop of Jean-Charles Rochoux. The shop is small, but the products are grand.

Mister Rochoux invents the recipes and makes his chocolates backstage, but sometimes he gives his sales assistant a helping hand too. He is a very nice man, and is likely to invite you to taste something (he knows that once you have tasted, you cannot resist!).

The shop opened about four years ago, but mister Rochoux learnt his "métier" long time before that. For several years he worked in one of Paris' most famous chocolateries. He has also been dessert chef in the three-star restaurant Guy Savoy.

He makes some absolutely stunning "truffes". However, as the recipe comprises cream, the treasures must be kept in the fridge, and are thus not suited for being brought back home, if you are a tourist. In that case I rather recommend you buy some small, individual chocolates. Have a box filled up, or simply ask for a few pieces in a bag. My all time favourite is "citron" (lemon), but Mira, rose and "framboise" (raspberry) are strong cards on Rochoux' hand too...

Common for them all is that the thin chocolate coating crunches, and that the subtle and tasty ganache cream transport you to the land of perfect well-being, and lets you stay there - indeed the taste lasts for a long time. Simply delicious!

16 rue d'Assas 75006 PARIS . Métro Rennes (line 12)

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