Sunday, June 21, 2009

My haunt: La Coupole

La Coupole has been my favourite café ever since I first came to Paris. I have probably been there hundreds of times, but funnily enough I have never had lunch or dinner there! I do know, however, that the café specialises in seafood and that, according to friends of mine, "les plateaux de fruits de mer" are splendid! For me La Coupole was the place where, for years, I had my hot chocolate before going to class at La Sorbonne or where I had (and still have!) an apéritif before dinner.

When having a glass by myself, I love to sit near the window and watch the hasty street. If it rains, it is even better... La Coupole is a wonderful place to have breakfast too. Choose a table with a banquette (bench), enjoy and observe! Many of the elderly customers are patrons and have their habits...

The interior is all splendid Art Deco and so Parisian. It's grandiose and cosy at the same time. The waiters are dressed as waiters should be dressed, and the whole place is perfectly traditional. A true delight!

102 Boulevard de Montparnasse, 75014 PARIS
Métro Vavin (line 4)

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