Friday, June 19, 2009

Pamper yourself: Hammam Pacha

Nestled in the 6th district of Paris is a Moroccan oasis of well-being; the Hammam Pacha. I particularly recommend going there on a grey and rainy day. Be prepared to spend 2-3 hours in the haven of rest.

The Hammam Pacha is a beautiful place. Its decoration evokes “1001 nights”. After having put your clothes in the painted wood lockers in the dressing room and put on your bathrobe, head towards the main hall which is lukewarm and humid. Let your body get used to the ambiance, have a shower (remember to bring scrub products!) and lie down on the tiles. Later, you can visit the sauna and the steam room – before you let the streams in the pool massage your back...

The Hammam offers various treatments, namely massages. I find their massages too gentle and therefore I don’t recommend them. Save your dimes for the culinary pleasures. Before returning to the outside world, spend some time in the relaxation room! Under the arcades, dive into the ocean of cushions and enjoy some mint tea and pastries. Spend time with a good book you have brought with you or take a nap. If you are really hungry, you can enjoy a tajine or some oriental salads in the restaurant afterwards.

Entrance; 35 euros (includes rent of bathrobe and towel). For the cost of the various treatments/massages, see the website (below).

Hammam Pacha is open seven days a week - exclusively for women.
17 Rue Mayet, 75006 PARIS
Métro Duroc (line 10 and 13)

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