Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life is sweet: Käramell

We all know that the French are extremely gifted for making good food and wine. They excel in everything from appetizers to miniardises. It is indeed a fabulous country to live in! Nevertheless, although the French make maybe the finest chocolate in Europe, there is one culinary domain where they still can make significant progress: "Les bonbons".

I dear to say that there is no real culture for sweets in France. Of course, you find delicious specialities like calissons, fondants and caramels au beurre salé. However, if you want to buy some winegums at the movies, some marshmallows at the supermarket or some fruit gums at the bakery, you are often left with boring and chemical-tasting Haribo.

For sweets that taste more natural, that are more delicate - yes, simply better, I strongly recommend the shop Käramell run by Lena, a Swedish sweet tooth. Lena`s shop is cosy and colourful and the variety of sweets is unrivaled in Paris. Most of the produce is imported from Sweden and tastes way better than what you can find elsewhere in town. Lena also sells some nice accessories and products reflecting where she has her roots.

15 rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris

Métro Notre Dame de Lorette (line 12)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christian Constant`s tasty street

In rue Saint Dominique Christian Constant displays three nice restaurants.

While Le Violon d`Ingrès is the stylish, all-white place, Les Cocottes is the more relaxed one where the dish of the day is often enjoyed at the counter. Both places serve excellent food, and the service is impeccable. At Le Violon d`Ingrès it is wise to book a table in advance. Les Cocottes, however, does not take reservations. I recommend showing up early (12.15 for lunch and 19.15 for dinner) to avoid standing in line. The third one, Café Constant, is a traditional café with more rustic food that I do not know as well as the two others.

Christian Constant is not a modest man calling one of his desserts at Les Cocottes "La fabuleuse tarte au chocolat de Christian Constant". He is honest, though. The chocolate cake is fabulous and very different from any other I have tasted. It is simply the best. It tastes divine and litterarly melts in your mouth. A must for any meal at Les Cocottes...

135-139 rue Saint Dominique, 75007 Paris

Métro Ecole Militaire (line 8)