Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blissful bakery: Des gâteaux et du pain

Paris is exceptionally spoiled with wonderful bakeries. Bread is an utterly important element of the French cuisine: It is simply unthinkable to serve a meal without bread. Of course French bakeries sell the famous baguette - and all its varieties like my favorite called "le rustique" - but they come up with so incredibly much more... and it is really worth trying.

Each year, an award is given to the best bakery in Paris. The lucky - and well deserving - winner gets the privilege of becoming the official bread supplier to l`Elysée (the President´s residence). You can imagine yourself how the turnover soars, not only due to the President`s appetite for bread... Parisians do not mind walking a few minutes extra in the evening if at the end of the walk there is some fabulously well made bread to accompany their dinner.

As far as I know "Des gâteaux et du pain" is yet to become the best bakery in town (competition is stiff!), but it is one of my preferred addresses. They make a divine country bread called Polka, but they definitely know how to prepare other kinds of bread too, not to mention cakes or home-made marshmallows with a taste of orange flower.

Have a look at their website where all products are clearly exposed.

Des gâteaux et du pain
63 Boulevard Pasteur
75015 PARIS
Métro Pasteur (line 6 and 12)
Closed on Tuesdays

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