Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fresh fish: Foujita

The Japanese restaurant Foujita has been around for more than three decades. Located in the Japanese quarter in Paris, where you find real estate ads exclusively in Japanese, groceries with unpronounceable products and many more exotic things, this restaurant is where I have lunch every other Saturday or so.

The place is anything but fancy, cool and design. It is more like a canteen. But the quality is indisputable, the service is quick and prices are ok. I like to sit in the bar and watch the guys prepare the dishes: sushi, sashimi, nuta, yakimono, natto, wagarashi, sunomono, makisushi, ippin ryouri, gohan/wan, yokan, ogura rice... My husband loves the chirashi whilst I generally opt for the sakedon. As it is often crowded, be early or book a table.

41 rue Saint Roch
75001 PARIS
Métro Pyramides (line 7 and 14)
01 42 61 69 39

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